Valentines Day Dinner Etiquette Essentials

Valentine’s Day Dining

Heading out this Valentine’s Day for dinner?  Don’t forget to take these 5 valuables with you.

1/ always eat from the outside, in meaning start with the utensils on the outside and work your way in, course by course.  First course utensils are in the outermost positions.

2/ as tempted as you might be to add commentary, be sure to wait until you’ve chewed and swallowed everything in your mouth.  Don’t, I repeat DON’T put your hand over your mouth while talking with your mouth full.

3/ napkin always belongs on your lap.  If you get up to use the powder room, set it on your chair.  At the end of a meal just as you’re departing the table, place it to the left of your meal plate.

4/ know your utensil placement: when finished with a course, place utensils both on the 4 as if your plate was a clock.  When taking a break, mid-course, place utensils on the 4 and on the 8.

5/ remember, the only item to eat with your fingers is your bread.  Break pieces off over your plate and eat those broken pieces immediately.  Don’t break it all up initially.

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