5 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Know someone who’s pregnant? Here are my top 5 conversation topics to avoid and what you should ask instead!

 1. “Are you tired? You look tired.”

Of course she is tired.  Pregnancy knocks your socks off! Not only is her body growing another human being, she’s being bombarded by a frenzy of hormonal changes. On top of being utterly exhausted, it’s hard for her to get some shut-eye when the discomfort keeps her awake at night.  Oh, and does she have other kids at home? Perhaps toddlers?  I was food shopping and a man blurted this out to me.  I felt like giving him a snapshot of my day, but really the big question is, why bother?

2. “How much time until you’re due? Wow, you still have a ways to go!” 

Regardless of whether she is 4 weeks or 30 weeks along, for her, pregnancy already feels like an eternity.  Commend her for how far along she actually is.  Pregnancy is tough on most women and hearing that you’ve got a long way to go isn’t always comforting.

3. “Is it twins?”

How is a woman supposed to respond to this question when she’s not having twins?  More than likely it’s not twins, so why bother asking her and risk making her feel like she has gained too much weight to be carrying one baby?

4. “You’re breast feeding, right?”

It’s absolutely none of anyone’s business.  It doesn’t matter if she is breast feeding or using formula; it’s not for anyone else to pass judgement.

 5. “Enjoy every minute of it.”

While being pregnant is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime, it’s also hard.  Looking back at pregnancy years later, it’s easy to forget the day to day, the sleepless nights, the back aches, and other pregnancy related issues that I won’t even mention.

 So, here’s what to ask a pregnant woman:

 1. How are you feeling?

That’s IT! Let her share with you.  This simple question can let you gauge whether or not to ask a few more pertinent questions or to simply move on to another topic!

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