socialsklz:-) 5th anniversary!

Hello Parents and Friends,

It seems like yesterday that I opened up my public relations (PR) business conference room and had my first 4 students for what would later become a bona fide business.  The idea for the program came from life in PR and many years of media training clients and then realizing that those media training sessions would be incredibly beneficial to ANYONE, including my NYU and Fordham students.  These are the “soft” skills that impact life more than anything else, I argue.  However, they’re not taught anywhere.

That idea compelled me to start a program at NYU, which I titled “The Brand Called You” and the success of that class led me to see firsthand that good social and communication skills are not only teachable, but also build self-esteem and confidence, and positioned in the right way are incredibly fun to learn (and teach).

Today marks 5 years of socialsklz:-) and quite a few incredible milestones (and challenges too):

  • Featured on the Today Show
  • Opened our first proper socialsklz:-) office/workshop space in 2013
  • Became a Today Show contributor
  • Wrote socialsklz:-) for SUCCESS with Running Press, which received a Gold Medal from Mom’s Choice Awards
  • Launched a series of videos with PARENTS magazine and with HowCast
  • Executed a pilot program in NYC Public Schools
  • Hired first full time employee, Monique Owens, June 2013
  • Got audited by the NYC Department of Labor (no violations!)
  • Toured the country and conducted over 85 book talks
  • Tore my rotator cuff toting books to said 85 book talks (the part of book touring they don’t tell you about)
  • Officially hired second full time employee, India Teal, July 2014
  • Opened programs in Greenwich, CT

I couldn’t have done any of this without a few key people including my right hand and truly gifted (first socialsklz:-)employee) Monique Owens, Chaz Ross, India Teal, Suzy Sorensen, Caroline Swartzman, Sara Saldi, and incredibly supportive husband and daughter Federico and Addy.

In honor of my gratitude to so many of you for your support, for signing your kids up for programs, for buying the book, and much more, we’ve put together the below special offer for programs.

Much Love and Gratitude,

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