socialsklz:-) digital contract

  • I won’t sign-up for any apps, email accounts, or social media without asking first.
  • I’ll share with my parents the things I am doing on the Internet.
  • I’ll think before I post and ask myself if I would be comfortable with this living online for a very long time.  The Internet is a permanent memory bank.
  • Before posting photos, I’ll be fair and ask myself if everyone in the photo would be comfortable with that photo being posted.
  • I won’t share passwords with others, except parents and guardians.
  • I’ll keep passwords to any accounts that I open in a specific place that we designate together.
  • I’ll ask my parents before downloading software or programs, even if a pop-up prompts me to do so.
  • I will close any website that might pop-up on my screen that has any creepy or gross photos and talk to my parents about it.
  • I’ll abide by screen time rules in my home.
  • I’ll never post or text with vulgar language.
  • I’ll never share my phone number, address, date of birth, or full name online.

Name of Child:   _____________________ (printed)

Child’s Signature:  ____________________

Parent’s Signature:  ___________________

Date: _____________________________

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