The Cure to the “Winter Blues”

Worried that your kids might suffer from the Winter Blues?
As temperatures drop, days remain short and outdoor time is at a minimum, ensure that your kids’ grades, attitude, and motivation don’t with the five tips below.

The combination of post-holiday blues and a long winter ahead is the perfect mix for the winter doldrums. This can pose an enormous challenge for kids to maintain good grades and stay motivated at school.  Teaching social skills is proven to increase academic performance (by 11 percentile points), improve attitudes, and decrease aggression and bullying. I see firsthand in the classroom that these skills also increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

TEACH (and don’t assume that your children inherently “know” these skills):
1.      How to make eye contact and how it affects our day to day interactions with others (teachers and peers)
2.      Good body language and facial gestures, which affect our overall attitude
3.      When and how to express gratitude in a meaningful way, proven to increase emotional well-being
4.      The value of persistence, even when something seems boring
5.       How to identify/ express emotions and share ideas

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