To my Beloved Pooch, “Toots”…

This blog post is dedicated to my dog, Toots, who many of you have met and loved at socialsklz:-)

My Love, La Toots,
Although you were initially named Mica by Peter and Claudia, I’ve loved all of the names that you now respond to:  Mica girl, Mica McToots, Toodley, Toodley Doo, Doodles, Toodles, Tooty, McTootlesworth, Toots, and most recently, La Toots, a Salvadorean rendition of your name.

Mica, you’ve been my counterpart for the last ten plus years. You’ve moved with me over 10 times, we’ve walked hundreds of miles together in every part of Central Park, you’ve been my rock during some of the hardest times, and more recently seen me experience the greatest happiness in my life.  You saw me get married, you welcomed baby Addy into our family and loved her to pieces despite many sleepless nights. You saw me start two businesses, become a teacher at NYU and Fordham, and most recently write a book.

We’ve swum in oceans together, walked miles of beaches, we explored national parks together, we slept in hotels, and traveled together.  You’ve been stung by bees, you were hospitalized after you ate a pen and an entire plate of cheese wedges, you’ve had 3 surgeries, during all of which I bawled my eyes out.  Your quirkiness only got quirkier over the course of your life, but that made me love you even more.

You helped me choose my life partner, Mica.  He showed us the kind of man he was by the way he treated you from the day he met you. And I saw quickly that you fell in love with him- the ultimate test of a good man.

You will never leave my soul.  You’ve been my life partner for over a decade.  You’ve taught me how to love unconditionally.  You’ve taught me how to be patient, how to care for someone no matter what…  That will carry through to our family forever, as will your memory.

While our chapter closes for now, you’ll forever be etched in my life and each year as I light birthday candles for Adriana’s birthday, we’ll light another one for your birthday- the day you came into this world and brought so much joy.

Thank you my beloved, Mica Girl. I love you forever, and ever.


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