Airport Etiquette 101

A  good deal of traveling this year (and the experience of sitting next to a passenger with a pastrami sandwich for a six hour flight), led me to see a dire need to address the dearth of civility aboard airplanes.  Starting off with a few essential ethics and etiquette notes where people are jammed into limited space and forced to share recycled air, I turned to our Facebook fans and our socialsklz:-) violations squad for help. Airport Etiquette 101, is now complete and will live on our website as a printable document and reference point.  Have a sneak peak and let me know if I’ve missed anything!  Upcoming, Urban Etiquette 101.

Airport Etiquette 101
with socialsklz:-) tools to thrive in the modern world

1. Do not, under any circumstances, take food on the plane that is either hot or has a strong aroma (pastrami sandwiches, Chinese food, or anything from an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “Nasty Bits”)

2. If you feel the need to take your shoes off (and your feet don’t the propensity to be stinky)  keep your socks on and feet on the floor at all times.

3. Follow cabin crew instructions and respect requests such as seat backs forward, tray tables up and turning off portable devices.

4. If you have a carry-on bag, be sure it fits into an overhead bin at check-in rather than being hopeful on the aircraft where you’re holding up an entire plane.

5. When passengers are welcomed to board, kindly stay seated at the gate until your row is called.  Similarly, once plane lands and pulls into the gate, wait until it’s your turn to exit.  Not everyone can fit into the aisle at once and it only slows the debarking process.

6. If you enjoy music or your child uses a gaming device, wear headphones at a minimal volume, so that surrounding passengers don’t have to listen.

7.  If you’re chatting on the plane, keep conversation and volume to a minimum and under no circumstance should you chat in the aisle and disrupt fellow passengers.

8.  If you have a physical disability or a size issue, take care of that when booking your ticket.  It’s inconsiderate to impose on the space others paid for.   You’re entitled to your space from armrest to armrest and far back as the seat reclines.

9. Teach your children to respect others in transit-no kicking seats or pounding tray tables.

10. Remember that the air on a plane is recycled, if you have a cold, carry tissues with you to prevent incessant sniffling and cough/sneeze into them.  Wipe down whatever you touch to prevent others from catching your cold.

11.  When getting up from your seat, refrain from grasping the seat directly in front of you-it can be jarring and annoying to that passenger.

12. Refrain from personal hygiene tasks and remember, if you don’t do something at the office, don’t do it on the airplane!

13. Whoever has the unfortunate circumstance of being in the middle seat gets the armrests, no question.  The window and aisle seats have the space to lean to one side or the other.

14.  We all need our coats during the winter season, BUT If  for any reason you feel the need to have your bulky coat in your seat with you, ensure that it’s not spilling over into your seat mates’ space.  It’s violating someone else’s precious space!

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